Weight loss with running


Slimming program with running will help you to plan your exercise so you burn more calories than gaining them with food. This rule is the basis of weight loss and is often found under the name of calorie deficit.

A calorie deficit means to exercise more, eat less or to combine these two approaches. If you opt for a healthy weight loss, you have chosen to bring physical activity to your life.Walking, cycling and running are the best choices. A weight loss that we present here is based on the jogging – a very light running.

Weight loss math

In the course of running, our body, depending on the intensity of running and our weight, burns calories. If two people run the same speed, the more calories will burn a person who has more weight. For example, two friends are jogging for an hour. Both of them are jogging at the same speed and for the same time duration. One of them, weighing 50kg, will burn 438 calories, while the other, with 100kg, will burn 888 calories. Average values of consumption of calories per hour, depending on body weight and running speed

Type of running Speed (km / h) 50kg 60kg 70kg 80kg 90kg 100kg
Jogging 7 438 531 624 702 795 888
Light running 8 642 771 906 1024 1155 1290
Tempo running 9.7 798 963 1128 1278 1437 1602
Race tempo 13.5 960 1158 1356 1536 1731 1932

This means that one person that runs at a light tempo and weighs 70 kg (1h equal 906 calories) had to run around 7.5 hours without stopping! This fact will show you how important is nutrition. A big Mac has 600 calories. About the same as an hour of running. Hot chocolate has 450 calories, a glass of wine 120. A slice of cake has 400 calories.

From running to weight loss

You understand that very few people can lose weight with just practicing sports. If you want to successfully lose weight, you need to do it gradually so your new habits become your lifestyle. It is necessary to regularly exercise and combine sports with proper nutrition.

Do your math:

5 times a week x 100 calories equals 500 calories less during the week. 500 calories per week x 50 weeks is 25 000 calories. Divide this with 7700 calories (as is required for loss of 1kg) and you’ll get about 3.3 kg loss in a year. Of course, over time, you will be able to run longer and faster, so you will have to revise your plan. Start with this weight loss jogging program.

Consult your doctor if you think you are obese(or calculate your BMI). Consult your nutritionist or doctor whether it is smarter to start with walking first. If so, start the weight loss walking program first.

Think about the goals and successes that can help you change your life, such as the half-marathon and marathon.

Slimming program – revise your weight loss training

Day Duration Training
Tuesday 4×5 min Slightly faster series with breaks of 2-3 minutes between
Wednesday 30 min Jogging
Thursday 2×20 min Faster.Do some exercises between sets.Pause for about 10 min.
Saturday 30 min Jogging
Sunday 45-90 min Light and long

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