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Is it safe to take your baby out in the cold?

Here is what the experts say about taking your baby out in the cold

In these cold and snowy days, new moms, as well as experienced moms, might want to stay at home, where its toasty and warm. The big question that arises is whether or not it’s safe for you to take your baby out in the cold. It is a good idea to go out and get some fresh air. Your baby is susceptible to certain dangers when it is exposed to cold weather. We will mention these dangers later on in this post. After a research of what experts say regarding this, I will point out few of the recommendations. As a generally accepted opinion, it’s perfectly safe to take your baby for a walk in moderately cold weather.

Potential dangers and proper recommendations

mother and babyKids younger than 2 years are in danger of frostbite and hypothermia, that’s why you have to be very cautious. If your baby is less than six months old, and if you have doubts whether to go outside or not, better stay in.

Babies that still haven’t turned 1 year of age, are not able to regulate their temperature. They lose their body heat very quickly, according to pediatrician Jennifer Shu, M.D.

If you do go outside it is very important to dress your child properly. If your toddler is 1-year-old and above, it requires the same amount of clothing as you do. Younger babies need one layer of clothing more than you do.

If the temperature it is in the range between 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you can take a longer walk with your child. The length of time can be around 10 to 30 min, depending on the chilly temperatures outside. If the temperature is less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit, it is recommended to stay home. [1]

It is exceptionally relevant to look for signs whether your baby is too cold or too warm. The baby might feel too warm if the back of his neck feels warm or sweaty and if his cheeks flush and are warm.

Your baby might be too cold, if his lips and hands have turned blue, and his nose and fingertips are too pale.

We can all conclude that it is up to you to decide whether you going to take your baby out in the cold. You know what’s best for your child and how they react to different temperatures.


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