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Healthy organic food for children

Healthy organic food for children It is generally known that it takes several years after birth for children`s body to mature. From the standpoint of nutrition, special importance has the digestive system, liver (and metabolism in general), as well as the kidneys. Therefore, after four months you should gradually introduce healthy organic food.

Children in kindergarten – what are the health risks

Children in kindergarten often suffer from viral and bacterial infections which are understandable, if you take into account that they are constantly in touch with a large number of children. In addition, separation from parents, especially from mothers, is a great stress for every child. In children, as in adults, prolonged

A guide to a vegetarian diet for children

Nutrition in children must not only meet the needs for energy and functioning of the organism. It should also provide nutrients and micronutrients for growth and development, says prim. Dr. Alemka Jaklin Kekez. A vegan diet: only plant foods; no foods of animal origin (meat, milk, eggs, fish) Lacto vegetarian