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Rocket – a powerful natural antibiotic!

Rocket – a powerful natural antibiotic!


Rocket  (Eruca sativa) is a Mediterranean wild plant with green leaves and slightly bitter taste. It belongs to the group of leafy vegetables, originating from Central and Southern Europe, and is widespread in North Africa and America, and the Middle East.


It is extremely tasty and aromatic salad. This plant can be eaten alone or dressed with oil and vinegar, although the Mediterranean countries usually prepare it with olive oil, parmesan or mozzarella cheese. Depending on the time of year, a salad of arugula can be made from chopped red or white onions, dandelion, tomato. Rocket can be cooked or blanched, but it will lose its characteristic bitter taste.

In some Asian countries, such as Iran and Pakistan, it is grown for oil seeds, a seed used for the production of mustard. Rocket is a very healthy vegetable with plenty of vitamin C, minerals and is particularly rich in iron.

Rocket is very rich in fibers too

It’s bitter and aromatic taste comes from glucosinolates which also present in other related plants such as horseradish. However, the specific taste of rocket comes from esters of butyric acid and sulfur compounds. It is best to use young succulent leaves because they are less bitter, and contain a wealth of useful ingredients.

They contain essential oils and antibacterial matter, which is why it is considered a natural antibiotic. It is good as a remedy for colds and coughs, it regulates digestion and refreshes the body. Connoisseurs claim that Rocket possesses aphrodisiac properties.


Rocket is a vegetable with a modest request for heat, it is drought-tolerant, resistant to frost and can be produced throughout the year.

In recent years it has increasingly gained popularity. More and more people realized that the arugula is very nutritious, but also a very medicinal plant.

So, start your lunch with arugula salad and tell us what you think!



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