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Basil – when you want to relax

Basil (power herb) is used against a cough, kidney disease, headaches and depression, colds, sore ears and ear drums, but also as a tonic.

The shrub basil (Ocimum basilicum) has a characteristic odor, it is spicy, medicinal and a “holly” plant, which is why it has a special place in many religions.

The word basil comes from the Greek word bazillion which means royalty or respect for ancient cultures. The Romans identified it with love and devotion, and they believed that a man will forever love a woman who receives a sprig of basil, while in India it was cultivated as a symbol of welcome.

Traditional medicine also appreciates the healing properties of basil. This power herb is used as a prevention for a cough, kidney diseases, headaches, and depression, and also as a tea for relieving menstrual problems.

In addition, this drink can be consumed every day, but after eight days you should make a two-week break. You should drink basil tea during pregnancy because it stimulates milk production.

This power herb is used for calming the nerves, cramps in the stomach, treatment of asthma as well as inflammation of the kidneys and insomnia. It is used also to improve the appetite. Basil has a very wide application in folk medicine as a treatment for people and animals.

You can also use the basil, as a power herb, for treating inflammation (stomach, intestine), cough, an initial state of tuberculosis, diseases of urinary organs (kidney, bladder).

It is especially relevant to try one of these recipes that will help you relax and sleep.

Anti-Stress bath

After having an exhausting day, all you need to relax is a warm bath. Good idea! Warm water relieves tension, breathing becomes deeper, and everyday stress disappears in just 15 minutes. Essential oils penetrate through the skin into the lymph and blood system.

Power herb recipe:

Mix eight drops of basil and two tablespoons of cream. In this manner, oil will be better spread out in the water and will not irritate your skin. Lie in the tub and breath deeply.

Tea calms the nervous stomach

Haste, fast food – all of this puts pressure on our stomach. The result is flatulence and gasses. In such situations, make yourself a power herb basil tea. Essential oils and plant substances in basil are improving blood circulation in the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines.

Power herb recipe:

Put ten fresh basil leaves or two teaspoons of dried basil in a ¼ liter of boiled water. Leave it to stand for 10 minutes and strain. Drink three cups a day.

Relaxing massage

If you want to get away from everyday life, at least for a couple of minutes, and recharge yourself with new energy, you can do it very easily! Stomach massage relaxes the body and senses and also soothes pain in the pelvis.

Power herb recipe:

Mix six drops of basil essential oil with five tablespoons of almond oil. Lie on your back and massage your abdomen for 5 minutes,  in a clockwise direction. Especially relevant is that this massage relaxes muscle spasms in the pelvis.

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