Lemon Water To Detox Your Body, Firm Your Skin And Aid You With Weight Loss

Lemons – Key Points and Benefits

Lemons are rarely consumed as a standalone fruit due to its sour flavor. This is the reason why people combine in many things, from juices to salad dressings and many other detox water cleanses. They are extremely popular when used in combination with different herbs and spices especially in salad dressings used in many diets.

This Medical News Today Knowledge Center feature is part of a collection of articles on the health benefits of popular foods. It provides a nutritional breakdown of lemons, an in-depth look at their possible health benefits, how to incorporate more lemons into your diet, and any potential health risks of consuming lemons.


Key points about lemons

  • Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant;
  • The manufacture of collagen in the human body is reliant on vitamin C;
  • Some individuals with asthma may find that vitamin C might reduce the symptoms;
  • Lemons contain potassium which helps in lowering your blood pressure.

Benefits of using Lemons

I will list some of the possible benefits of consuming lemons supported with different research facts.

  1. Lowering Stroke Risk

According to the American Heart Association, eating higher amounts of citrus fruits may lower ischemic stroke risk for women.

Those who ate the highest amounts of citrus had a 19 percent lower risk of ischemic stroke than women who consumed the least. The study used data from 69,622 women over 14 years.

Ischemic stroke is the most common type of stroke; it is caused by a blood clot blocking the flow of blood to the brain. All this is due to the flavonoids which provide protection through several mechanisms, including improved blood vessel function and an anti-inflammatory effect. Flavonoids, which are plant pigments, with their strong antioxidant properties contribute to protecting your cells from damage.

  1. Maintaining a healthy skin

The antioxidant vitamin C, when eaten in its natural form or applied topically, can help to fight skin damage caused by the sun and pollution, reduce wrinkles, and improve overall skin texture.

Vitamin C plays a vital role in the formation of collagen, the support system of the skin.

  1. Preventing asthma

People who consume a high amount of certain nutrients, such as vitamin C have lower risk of developing asthma.

  1. Increasing iron absorption

Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in developed countries and a leading cause of anemia. Pairing foods that are high in vitamin C with foods that are iron-rich maximizes the body’s ability to absorb iron.

For example, squeeze lemon juice atop a salad with spinach and chickpeas (both a good source of iron).

  1. Boosting the immune system

Fruits and vegetables rich with vitamin C and other antioxidants can help the immune system battle infections that cause cold and flu. It is especially important to maintain a healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables, mostly during the winter months when physical activity levels tend to drop.

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