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Knee pain – how to get rid of it, quickly and naturally

Knee pain – how to get rid of it with this quick recipe


Osteoarthritis of the knee or gonarthrosis is one of the most common joint diseases that cause damage to the knee.It is assumed that the knee pain is caused by the wear of the knee cartilage.

It is believed that the pain occurs on a hereditary basis, but this assumption has not been scientifically proven.

The knee pain usually occurs in women that are in their middle or late years after menopause, due to lack of the hormone estrogen. Also, knee pain can occur as a result of sports injuries, sprains, and fractures to the knee. In most cases, doctors recommend long walks, and leg exercises in the gym.

The symptoms are the constant presence of pain in the knee and limited mobility.

It is interesting that knee pain does not occur only in the elderly population. Young people can also have this problem, manifesting as a pain in the area of the front of the knee. It is mainly caused by people’s lifestyle, such as a variety of sports.
Many who have decided to treat their problems in an alternative way, showed incredible results.
Knee pain is usually an indication of bad circulation. Try to improve circulation and thus prevent a series of further problems that may develop.

If you have bad knees (arthritis or susceptibility to weather conditions), mix 1 tablespoon of salt with 1 cup of water, add 2 drops of iodine and stir. Soak a soft towel to this solution and put the towel on the knee. Cover your knee with a heated towel and leave the towel for some time(at least 30 min, or it would be better if you leave it for a longer time). Do this every day before going to sleep for a few days and you will notice an improvement.

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