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Healthy organic food for children

Healthy organic food for children

It is generally known that it takes several years after birth for children`s body to mature.

From the standpoint of nutrition, special importance has the digestive system, liver (and metabolism in general), as well as the kidneys.


Therefore, after four months you should gradually introduce healthy organic food. The food contains substances necessary for growth and development but also contains various chemicals used in agriculture and industry.

All of the problems that can occur by introducing xenobiotics (foreign chemicals) to food, which is more drastic and dangerous for young children.

These days, we have a rise of allergies and food intolerance with children.

Most common cause is not the ingredients itself, but damage to the intestinal mucosa of various chemicals, which leads to various molecules originating from the ingredients to be found in the bloodstream.Then the immune system reacts, and the result is a food intolerance.


The right way to solve this problem is to use healthy organic food. This situation is not the same thing as gluten intolerance, which is a congenital disorder where it is necessary to exclude completely gluten from the diet.

Healthy organic food also facilitates colonization of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, which is of great importance for the development of a good metabolism and immunity with children. Children’s metabolic pathways are still underdeveloped, so the young body has a great difficulty to transform harmful compounds and metabolites excreted via the kidneys.

Today, the precocious puberty is associated with xenobiotics and ksenohormonima from food of animal origin.


In addition, any food from animal origin contains a lot of antibiotics and the overuse of these drugs in animals is associated with the development of antibiotic resistance in human disease. Antibiotics are also harmful to the good intestinal flora, as it is certainly better for young children to look for organic products (meat, milk and dairy products).

If you are unable to buy healthy organic food for your children, our advice is to be very choosy when buying the food. Read labels, look at whether the product contains artificial colors, unwanted additives when was the control of the quality of the product.

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