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Cornelian Cherry Dogwood – immunity booster

What is Cornelian Cherry Dogwood?

Cornelian Cherry Dogwood (lat. Cornus mascula), also known as Cornus mas, is spread all over the world, except in Australia. This fruit of this plant is rich in vitamin C and people consider it as a good immunity booster. This fruit is very respected in the ancient period, and it was especially used by the ancient Romans. The tree of the Cornelian cherry is very strong and robust, with dark brown branches and greenish twigs, and can grow high up to 12m. The flowers are small with four yellow petals, produced in the period between February and March, well before the leaves appear. The fruit is an oblong red drupe, containing a single seed.

What is it used for?

You can eat the fruit fresh or you can dry it. In order to prepare the tea, you have to use dry fruit. Other parts of the plant can also be used, such as the root, leaves, and the flowers. All of these have high nutrition value and are as good as the fruit itself. You can use the fruit of the Cornelian cherry as a decoration in many foods. Also as a supplement for sweet products, and as a good source of vitamins.

The Cornelian cherry contains pectin, organic acids, tannin, sugar, resin and vitamin C, and what’s interesting it has more vitamin C than an orange. It has a wide range of healing effects and can be used in the following situations:

  • Sore throat
  • Anemia
  • Diabetes
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Kidneys diseases
  • Wound healing

Cornelian Cherry Products

The tea that is made from the bark of the Cornelian cherry dogwood can be used as a natural way to fight off fever and problems with the digestive system. The tannin and the pectin, as one of the main constituents of this plant, have a positive effect on the intestinal mucous membrane. A research shows that consuming the oil from the seeds and the fruit of the Cornelian cherry affects the renewal of the internal, epidermal tissues. This plant helps in the treatment of different digestion problems and diarrhea.

You can consume the Cornelian cherry as a fresh fruit, as a jam, tea or use it as an ingredient in other types of drinks. The drink from this fruit is especially recommended for children, due to the benefits it has for the immune system. Other benefits refer to the overall improvement of the functioning of different organs. There are no side effects from the use of this plant. You can reach best results if you consume it as a fresh fruit.

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