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Chamomile – a tiny flower, but a big must for everybody!



On appearance, fragile and delicate, almost shyly modest, however, in view of its effective properties, chamomile is a very healthy herb.

It is appreciated since ancient times. It was used by the ancient Egyptians in the mummification process. The name chamomile has it roots from the Greek word Chamos. Its popularity grew throughout the middle ages when people turned to it as a remedy for numerous medical complaints including asthma, colic, fevers, inflammations, nausea, nervous complaints, children’s ailments, skin diseases and cancer. As a popular remedy, it may be thought of as the European counterpart of the Chinese tonic Ginseng.

A small flower with a big effect on your immune systemFrom chamomile, we traditionally prepare tea, which has a soothing effect on the digestive tract, eases insomnia and relieves stress. It relieves constipation and is therefore often used as a guide for flushing inflamed mucous membranes of the throat.
Also, it has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-hyperglycemic and antigenotoxic properties.

It is often used in cosmetics because of its soothing properties and also helps if you have an irritated or inflamed skin. It’s friendly and gentle fragrance will positively affect you and will bring you a sense of warmth.

Chamomile is a very medicinal plant because it has the following properties:

  • It soothes the digestive tract
  • Perfect for relaxing and refreshing baths
  • Relieves inflammation and irritation of the skin
  • Provides a quieter and more comfortable sleep  
  • Eliminates stress and anxiety   
  • Calms  
  • Its scent stimulates the joy and happiness

You should not put Chamomile in boiling water. Also, don’t leave her in the water for more than an hour. Reheating is also not recommended. For those of you who have problems with the facial skin, or simply want to have a more beautiful and nourished skin, you should wash your face, once a week with chamomile tea.

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