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Lemon Water To Detox Your Body, Firm Your Skin And Aid You With Weight Loss

Lemon Water

Lemons – Key Points and Benefits Lemons are rarely consumed as a standalone fruit due to its sour flavor. This is the reason why people combine in many things, from juices to salad dressings and many other detox water cleanses. They are extremely popular when used in combination with different herbs

Jennifer Lopez’s Favorite Drink For Weight Loss – berry smoothie

berry smoothie

What are berries? Berry is a small, pulpy and often edible fruit. Berries are usually juicy, rounded, brightly colored, sweet or sour, and do not have a stone or pit, although many pips or seeds may be present.[1] There are several types of berries, such as strawberries, cranberries, acai berries, blackberries, blueberries,

Superfood smoothie recipes that you will absolutely adore – part 1

Superfood smoothie

Consuming a healthy superfood smoothie each morning can be very beneficial for you. Not only that it can replace a meal depending on your diet, but they contain different vitamins, minerals, healthy fats necessary for your overall health. Superfood smoothie with Coconut Oil Coconut oil in such form, consists 90% medium-chain fatty acids