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Traditional Herbal Medicine – 10 Magnificent Philippine Plants

Herbal medicine

 Philippine Traditional Herbal Medicine Traditional herbal medicine has been practiced since ancient times in every culture throughout the world and has been an integral part of human evolution and development. This knowledge was passed on from generation to generation. In the past few years, a renewed interest on this natural method

Echinacea-Coneflower: natural antibiotic

Why do we use Echinacea? Echinacea (lat. Echinacea Purpurea, E. Angustifolia, E.pallida) is a wild pink flower originating from North America. Drug substances of Echinacea have an immunostimulatory effect, therefore they stimulate the immune system to produce more defense cells. Echinacea is a natural antibiotic and very reliable cleaner of the

Chamomile – a tiny flower, but a big must for everybody!

Chamomile   On appearance, fragile and delicate, almost shyly modest, however, in view of its effective properties, chamomile is a very healthy herb. It is appreciated since ancient times. It was used by the ancient Egyptians in the mummification process. The name chamomile has it roots from the Greek word Chamos. Its popularity

Ginger is the spice of life

Besides being used in food as a spice, ginger can be a cure for many diseases. You can read why Ginger is the spice of life in the following text: Ginger is a perennial bulbous plant of the lily family. It is originally from China. It grows in India and many other

Old Chinese Elixir For Immunity That Will Save You From Colds And Flu This Season!


Old Chinese elixir for immunity Chinese people use herbs for healthy leaving. Everybody is familiar with Chinese folk medicine, worldwide. It is extremely effective, which is why we recommend you to try this winter-known Chinese potion that will strengthen your immunity! In Chinese medicine, cinnamon has a special place and it is one of the