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17 Proven Ways You Benefit From Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil has been used in traditional medicine for a long time. Today people started realizing the enormous benefits of using the coconut oil. In this article I will try to portray and enumerate every benefit with facts proven in a variety of studies.  Coconut and Coconut Derivatives The coconut tree is

Acerola-when you are in need of vitamin C

Acerola has 20 times more vitamin C than lemons and 65 times more than orange. It boosts immunity, heals hepatitis and other liver diseases, infections, flu, stress… In  West India, Barbados, Jamaica, Suriname, Cuba and other countries of Central and South America, grows the famous tropical acerola cherries (Malpighia glabra). It

Rocket – a powerful natural antibiotic!

Rocket - a powerful natural antibiotic!   Rocket  (Eruca sativa) is a Mediterranean wild plant with green leaves and slightly bitter taste. It belongs to the group of leafy vegetables, originating from Central and Southern Europe, and is widespread in North Africa and America, and the Middle East. It is extremely tasty and

Agaricus Blazei

Agaricus Blazei There is hardly any other fungus that can stimulate the immune system as well as Agaricus Blazei. The mushroom was discovered and described in 1965 by American mycologist Mjuril. Scientists have noticed it 35 years ago and have been studied extensively since then. Agaricus Blazei contains a lot of valuable