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Agaricus Blazei

Agaricus Blazei

There is hardly any other fungus that can stimulate the immune system as well as Agaricus Blazei. The mushroom was discovered and described in 1965 by American mycologist Mjuril. Scientists have noticed it 35 years ago and have been studied extensively since then.

Agaricus Blazei contains a lot of valuable vitamins and minerals and contains more polysaccharides than any other known medicinal mushrooms / mainly beta glucans. Substances that this mushroom contains, not only help the body to destroy onko-cells but also slows down the aging process.

As reported in the scientific literature, the fungi Agaricus stimulates the immune system and keeps you safe from various diseases.

Agaricus Blazei stops the growth of tumors and leads to remission of the illness. In most cases, it demonstrated that the tumor marker has declined after a few weeks and the patient has begun to feel better, in cases in which the official medicine failed. Mushroom Agarcus or its extract, can drastically reduce the adverse effects of conventional treatments. It helps the decay degradation of toxic substances. The body produces toxic substances as a result of chemotherapy. When observing 100 patients suffering from cancer of the genitals, it was registered a significant reduction in side effects such as loss of appetite, fatigue, hair loss and the number of natural killer cells has increased significantly.

Agaricus Blazei Applications

Agaricus Blazei can be applied successfully at:

Concomitant therapy with disease of the breast, ovary, skin, stomach, liver, prostate, leukemia, brain metastasis

– Protection against cancer

– Reduces unwanted effects from chemotherapy and radiation

– To strengthen the immune system, when AIDS and other infections are in the body

– Autoimmune diseases such as multiplex sclerosis, atopic dermatitis, autoimmune thyroiditis, lupus erythematosus

– Skin Diseases

– Inflammation of the pancreas

– Hepatitis- Gastritis

– Bronchitis, asthma, allergy

– Diabetes

– High blood pressure

– Stenocardia

– Erectile Dysfunction in men


– Chronic fatigue

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