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In this fast-pace changing world, we are faced with different health threats on a day by day basis. The modern world and new technological advancements have brought us both positive and negative effects. We dedicate most of our precious time on work, studies, taking care about others. In the meantime we neglect ourselves and the healthy relationships with those closest to us.

Being under continuous pressure and stress can lead to weak immune system which makes us prone to a variety of health issues. As our bodies become resistant to different medications, people tend to turn in finding more natural ways to defeat and treat a range of medical conditions.

Natural ways include not just herbal remedies and their medicinal properties, but also trying to consume more organic food and drinks, and leading a healthy life in general.

Our mission

The goal of Is to empower you with the knowledge of diverse, natural solutions and ways that can help you improve your life style and health.

We include information from different areas. Areas that start from herbs and herbal remedies, easy and simple recipes on how to prepare healthy drinks and foods, up to recommendations for your overall wellness.

We are a team of four friends, who have common interest in learning and practicing natural ways on how to improve our overall health and life style. As we learned, we wanted to share our knowledge and experience with others. That is why we created, a one-stop place where you can find all necessary information on how to improve your way of living.

The editorial team tries to research and publish reliable content, that is accepted by different experts and proven in different researches. The team is consisted of Aleksandar Milojevik, Ivan Krstevski, Ile Davchev and Mirjana Davcheva.

The most important thing in life is your Health. Don’t neglect it.

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